How Coaching Works

  • Weekly checkins with a client tracker
  • Tailored training programming based on individual needs state
  • Adjustments made to protocol as needed based on biofeedback cues
  • Macro based nutrition including nutrient timing
  • Access to MPT macro calculator
  • Supplement protocol based on individual needs
  • General health recommendations
  • Email support at any time for questions with programming

Client Responsibility

  • Client is to check in on scheduled day
  • Communication is key and client is expected to be open and honest
  • Client is expected to play an active role in learning their body
  • Trust your coach
  • Client is to acknowledge that they will get out what they put into it
  • Consistency and training intensity will play a vital role in progress

Our Packages


Get Fit and Healthy

*3 month minimum

  • Focus on improving clients relationship with food
  • Long term emphasis on lifestyle change
  • Improving overall health
  • Basic understanding of nutrition and macros
  • Monthly coach/client phone call checkin or Skype session
  • Initial phone consult/assessment
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Physique Competitor Coaching

*3 month minimum

  • Focus on maximizing metabolic function and capacity
  • Improve upon “weak” body parts
  • Ensuring that your body is in an optimal state to start a contest prep
  • Coaching support and constructive criticism
  • Monthly coach/client phone call checkin or Skype session
  • Initial phone consult/assessment
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One Time Payment for Contest Prep

This package is discounted from the monthly payment option. Contest prep is designed for athletes to guide them through to the day of the competition. This will include a training, supplement, and nutrition protocol catered to the individual. During this time, any questions will be answered promptly by email, always within a 12 hour period (usually within 2-3 hours). Changes will be made accordingly based on the athlete’s bio-feedback and pictures which will be emailed a minimum of every week and increase as the contest gets closer.. If local a one-on-one assessment will be done accordingly. Contest prep also includes final week preparation and detailed instructions up to and including the day off the contest. Take the stress out of competing and let an expert guide you.

Individual Consultation


One time Cost

Recipe e-Book


1 time purchase