Who We Are
Maximum Performance Training, LLC. is owned and operated by Allen and Nicole Cress. They are a dynamic husband and wife team with the education, experience and expertise to help you reach your fitness goals.
How Coaching Works
The way we coach is very individualized. First and foremost is we put health first and cosmetics second. You only get one body and it needs to take care of. Our approach to nutrition is a flexible dieting one. This allows the client to be able to choose from a wide variety of foods and not look at food as good vs bad.  If you want a treat here and there that's fine, all you do is fit it to your Macros. I want you eating 90% healthy nutrient dense quality foods. Your diet needs to serve your body and be sustainable "long term".  The exception to this is during a contest prep where I may have you cut out processed foods for cosmetic effect.
Living What We Preach
Allen and Nicole demand just as much from themselves physically and only lead clients in ways that they themselves also lead. Allen has been a successful competitive bodybuilder for the past 15 years, successfully competing and placing 1st in such noteworthy regional events as the Northern Kentucky Championships and the Kentucky Derby Classic, Indiana Championships along with other contests such as the Bluegrass Muscle Classic & the Kentucky Muscle,. Allen has also competed in a number of powerlifting competitions, posting personal best records of a 560lb squat, 545lb deadlift, and a 390lb bench press at a body weight of 180 lbs. Nicole competed for the first time in 2004 and soon realized that she did not carry enough muscle to be competitive as a figure athlete. The bikini division was introduced in 2009 and Nicole knew that this was the division better suited for her body type. She has exceled at the regional level always pulling off a top 3 placing and top 10 placings at the national level.
What This Means for You
Allen and Nicole's dynamic and comprehensive training knowledge affords them an eclectic clientele base, from working with the public with a variety of goals/needs, to creating successful physique athletes, where his true passion is. Allen has worked to improve the performance of high school, college, and professional athletes such as NBA Center for the Chicago Bulls Nazr Mohammed for 7 years as well as IFBB professionals and National Level competitors. Allen also routinely receives referrals from orthopedists and physical therapists for patients suffering from a variety of injuries. Their need to continuously cultivate and expand their knowledge in matters of fitness, nutrition, and rehabilitation has contributed greatly to their well-rounded knowledge as a one-stop shop for nearly anyone's needs. Both coaches are passionate and dedicated to improving lives with healthy balanced protocols with an emphasis on client care. They also regularly travel to numerous competitions to support their clients whenever possible to show they truly do care about their clients results and success and to also create a team atmosphere.